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PRIMA ensures lean, clear data protection management that always complies with the latest legal requirements thanks to continuous updates.

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With PLANIT // PRIMA, you get a ready-to-use tool that offers everything you need for optimised data protection management. Our expert-created templates and instructions make it easy to create GDPR-compliant documentation in no time.
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PLANIT // PRIMA backed by PLANIT // LEGAL Lawyers

Developed by IT lawyers and data protection experts

PRIMA is supported by a renowned law firm in the field of IT and data protection law. This ensures the practicality of the software and allows you to rely on the law firm's expertise for data protection concerns.

10 Reasons to Use PLANIT // PRIMA

Avoid liability and risks of fines
All modules for your data protection management
PLANIT // PRIMA reduces compliance costs
No expertise required
Collaboration – your colleagues are on board
Developed by data protection experts
Transparency for your authority
Speed up your compliance processes
Monitoring of your compliance standard
Always up to date with our info center
Processing Activities
Deletion Concept

Data Protection Documentation

PLANIT // PRIMA enables you to set up your data protection management effortlessly or to update and continue existing documentation. You and your colleagues benefit from easy-to-understand online forms. They can view these in PLANIT // PRIMA\s data protection management system clearly, in order and with versioning at any time and monitor the progress of their processing.

Online Trainings

PLANIT // PRIMA provides you with a wide range of online training courses, from data protection basics to specific courses for your areas of expertise. Our data protection software makes it easy to invite people to trainings, document attendance and success, and send reminders for refresher courses. Our marketplace presents an extensive collection of current data protection training courses and related topics that can be customised to your agency as needed.
Online Schulungen Trainings
Online Schulungen Training Beispiel Example 1
Online Schulungen Training Beispiel Example 2
planit prima info center

Data Protection Info Center

In PLANIT // PRIMA's Info Center, you can always find a lot of information and useful tips on data protection and digitalization. This way, you will always be up to date.

Others about PLANIT // PRIMA

We manage our data protection documentation fast and efficient in // PRIMA this gives us more time for our main business processes.
Sascha Brüning
Data Protection Officer, Joke Event AG
We use PLANIT // PRIMA to maintain our data protection documentation. That works great.
Jens Beukenberg
Data Protection Officer, BAT
We didn't think data protection management could be so simple, but PLANIT // PRIMA convinced us.
Dr. Malte Schafstedde
Managing Director, Eagle LSP Law GmbH
// PRIMA is easy to use and offers all required features for data protection management. The perfect data protection solution for our mid-sized enterprise.
Joachim Schulte
Data Protection Officer, AMF-Bruns
In addition to the clear and intuitive interface of // PRIMA, we appreciate the large number of helpful templates and the possibility of collaboration via assignment and reminder features. The team of PLANIT // LEGAL always responds quickly and solution-oriented to our questions.
Dr. Cornelia Weber
Data Protection Officer, August Storck KG
We use // PRIMA to create data protection documentation for customers using our whistleblowing hotline. // PRIMA saves us real money and improves customer satisfaction.
Martin Meng
Co-Founder und CEO, konfidal GmbH

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All building blocks for your data protection management


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All the building blocks for your data protection management, even more templates and a custom design


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Number of Users
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Mini Audits
Legal RoadmapThe PLANIT // PRIMA Roadmap provides you with a step-by-step guide for establishing GDPR-compliant data protection management using PLANIT // PRIMA. New
Deletion Concept Automation New
TemplatesMany pre-filled forms for the most common processes
Blueprint EditorCustomization or individual creation of the forms on which the PRIMA documents are based in the form of a module principle
Custom FoldersDesign your folder structure the way it suits you best
NDA Generator New
DPA Generator New
Data Subject Request: Reply Generator
PLANIT // LEGAL Basic Trainings
3D Trainings (extra license, chargeable)
Customer’s Own Trainings
Awareness Poster Data protection posters with various topics, which are easy to understand and are well suited for hanging up in your company
Info Center
Legislative Database
Contact Data of All Supervisory Authorities
Useful Links on Data Protection
Other Features
Rollout Manager New
Custom Corporate DesignCreate your individual look of // PRIMA in your colors and create your own e-mail template
Single Sign-onUse your own login server for increased security and automatic registration
Advanced Permission RolesThis function allows detailed editing of role-based permissions
ImportsQuickly and easily import already created documents


Features like Pro and exactly tailored to your Authority.
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How can PLANIT // PRIMA be summarized?

PLANIT // PRIMA is a data protection software that provides all the building blocks for efficient data protection organization in a single tool. Templates and tutorials developed by experts enable DSGVO-compliant documentation in just a few steps. Expert knowledge is not required. With PLANIT // PRIMA, your data protection management remains lean, transparent and, thanks to regular updates, always legally up-to-date.

What are PLANIT // PRIMA’s requirements for my IT?

PLANIT // PRIMA is a browser-based software. To use PLANIT // PRIMA, you need Internet access, a PC or laptop with a standard Internet browser (e.g. Firefox or Chrome) and access to PLANIT // PRIMA. There are no other requirements.

And what about data protection?

We know the data protection requirements for the use of IT tools from our consulting practice and have designed (Privacy by Design) PLANIT // PRIMA the way we want it to be for our clients’ IT tools. PLANIT // PRIMA is therefore hosted by a German hosting provider in a data center in Germany. There are no data transfers to third countries outside the EEA. For the use of PLANIT // PRIMA, we will conclude a contract with you for data processing which complies with the requirements of Art. 28 GDPR. Of course you will also receive a concept from us regarding the technical-organizational measures taken.

And what about IT security?

PLANIT // PRIMA is operated exclusively in an ISO 27001-certified data center in Germany. This means you are optimally protected in terms of IT security.

Are there document export functionalities in PLANIT // PRIMA?

Yes. There are download functionalities for each document. You may download your data protection documentation at any time for local storage or migration into other tools.

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