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PLANIT // PRIMA Update 02.01.2024

New Feature: Interactive Data Protection Roadmap

We are pleased to introduce a new function in PLANIT // PRIMA: The Legal Roadmap. This takes you by the hand right from the start and shows you which documents you need to create. The roadmap has integrated status tracking and a new ribbon that becomes active as soon as you start the guide within your profile. This ribbon, anchored to the top right corner, allows you to activate the roadmap with one click. It serves as a guideline that clearly marks your progress and thus ensures precise control of your data protection project.


  • Direct access: In your profile, the "Guides" section provides an immediate overview and starting point for the data protection roadmap.
  • Visual progress indicators: Open and completed tasks are clearly differentiated, simplifying the tracking of your activities.
  • Interruption-free working: The progress of your work is seamlessly recorded, allowing you to efficiently resume unfinished tasks.

Utilize this roadmap to review, adjust, and continuously improve your data protection management.

Start now by launching the guide from your profile.

New Blueprint: Pre-Check Tool Implementation

In the Projects section, all users can now use the new "Pre-Check Tool Implementation" blueprint to check the introduction of a new tool. As a result, a project plan is also created to help you create and maintain the necessary documentation.

PLANIT // PRIMA Update 28.11.2023

New document approval system

With our latest update, we are pleased to introduce a comprehensive document approval system that significantly improves for our users. Here are the highlights of the update:

Task assignment

Users can now take on specific tasks within a document. Available roles include:
  1.  Author: Responsible for completing the document
  2.  Reviewer: Responsible for reviewing the content
  3.  Approver: Has the task of giving final approval to the document

Note: All assigned persons have read and write access to the document.

Deadlines and reminders

A deadline can be set for each task. In addition, reminders can be set up to inform the assigned people if their tasks have not yet been completed.

Visual indicators

If a document has an active task, the corresponding task is now indicated by a small icon next to the document name as soon as the document is open. This allows you to quickly recognize which task is currently being is currently being processed.

Change history

The version that the assigned person had when they completed their task is now displayed

Comments section

Each document now has a comments section that allows you to write messages that can be viewed by other team members. team members can view.


It is now possible for the "owner" of the document to activate or deactivate the need for confirmations. (For example, a reviewer can only start once all authors have completed their tasks.)

Training area

  • The admin permission for the training area can now be explicitly assigned without the person also having to be a company admin.
  • The role-based authorization system now also includes all training content and participants, which can now be grouped and invited in groups.

More features

  • Premium customers can now more easily import new training courses into their instances.
  • Premium customers can deactivate entire areas (e.g. data protection documentation) in the settings.
  • In the "Export" tab of PRIMA documents, all uploaded files are now displayed in an overview.
  • The following blueprints have been updated and translated:
    • Reply to a Data Subject Request
    • Data Subject Request Documentation
    • Checklist for IT systems (Data Protection & IT security)
    • Confidentiality Agreement (NDA, unilateral)

PLANIT // PRIMA Update 07.09.2023

New menu for data protection documentation

For us, the focus was on: simpler, better and faster. With the new menu structure in the data protection documentation area, we have improved the clarity. Instead of the very detailed tree view, the categories are now displayed in groups. So that you don't lose your orientation, you can see where you are both in the heading and in the highlighted area.

Dashboard of the data protection documentation

Finally, the data protection documentation area has also received its own dashboard. Here, the latest, most recently edited and updated documents are clearly displayed. Area admins can also see additional statistics for a complete overview.